What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing method.  Reiki can be used for deep relaxation and can aid, or remedy, both our mental and physical health.

The science behind Reiki, is that everything is made up of energy! Humans, animals, ‘things’ are all made up of energy.  The funny feeling you get in your stomach; that dreaded feeling, if a certain person walks in the room.  Common sayings, such as, ‘the atmosphere was electric,’ or ‘you could cut the air with a knife,’ are all results, of your body picking up on energy.

Unfortunately, as humans, we have blockages that obstruct the energy flow, in our own bodies. As a result, our bodies become depleted.  The blockages can cause emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety, depression and can show themselves, as physical ailments, or illness in our body.

Personally, I used to suffer from IBS, as a direct result of being an anxiety sufferer. I recovered from anxiety and have never had an IBS attack since!

We suppress our feelings and this causes them to go into our physical bodies. Emotional suppression becomes a habit, the unconscious mind takes over, and the body becomes a storehouse for unexpressed, unconscious feelings.

Suppressed emotions and traumas are a key factor in the development of muscular tension, high blood pressure, heart disease, immune weakness and other diseases.

We then self-sabotage, to gain an escape from these feelings, in the form of addiction and destructive behaviour. Although these provide an escape, for a short while, they add to our blockages and make us feel worse; perpetuating the cycle.

The blockages we experience come from a lifetime of experiences, upset or trauma; that create negative layers. The layers become thick and our energy flow becomes blocked.

Reiki peels away these layers.

Most people have some emotional issues or trauma occurring sometime in their life. Whenever an emotional trauma or situation happens, it is stored in the nervous system. Though we may think we are over it and not even remember it, the mark or impression could still be there.

The blockages can range from simple, childhood memories of being left out; having anxious / depressed parents; abusive relationships or grief. The list is never-ending.

During Reiki, it is possible to release these stored issues or traumas.

Reiki is a Japanese healing method; ‘Rei’ meaning spirit and ‘Ki’ meaning life force energy. This life force energy can be found in other cultures too, such as Chi in Chinese medicine and Prana in Hindu philosophy, such as Yoga and martial arts.

When we are blocked, our bodies cannot heal themselves. The hand positions used in Reiki, activate the body’s self-healing mechanism.

Everyone’s experience of Reiki is different. During a Reiki session, some experience heat, tingling, some experience vivid images and feelings, some feel things moving and have the urge to cry, or some merely find it relaxing and fall asleep!

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