The Power of Thought

Imagine your favourite food. Imagine it on a plate right in front of you. Imagine the smell, the taste and how it will feel, when you take that first bite. One of two things, will be happening; you’ll either be salivating, or hungry. You would have caused a physical reaction in your body, through an imagined thought. Our mind, doesn’t know the difference, between an imagined thought and a real experience. Our mind tells our body what to do; this is how the placebo effect works. Imagine what happens when we worry. Imagine how our body reacts, when we’re continually, overthinking past actions, or future anticipations. Our body is continually on high alert. This places a strain on our immune system, causing illness and fatigue. Overthinking, programs our mind, to be constantly on the look out for danger; we can’t sleep and continually have adrenaline being released. Our body can’t cope and goes into overwhelm, or sometimes, even breaks down #mindfulness #mindfulnessforkids #reiki #mentalhealth #wellness

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