The first thing to do, if life is not going to plan, is to prioritise looking after yourself. Any time I’ve felt negative thoughts creeping in, or I’ve begun to overthink and procrastinate, I just stop. These are symptoms, that I’m depleted and the more I try to keep going, the more depleted I will become. Forget the situation, firstly start to build yourself back up again. We find the time and energy, to go on Facebook, watch tv, or go to the pub; so no matter how much we protest, we can find time for self-care! Whole foods, gentle exercise, Mindfulness and relaxation are my four main staples. Once you’re firing on all cylinders, you will find some worries just fall away, impossible situations become clearer and you can make decisions without tying yourself up in knots. We forever, put our own wellbeing, at the bottom of the list and are constantly, trying to catch up with ourselves. If we just take a little time, we can cope with life, so much better #selfworth #selfesteem #selfcare #mentalhealth

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