Science Behind Stress

The Vagus Nerve links our brain to many vital organs in the body. This nerve runs from the head, right down to our intestines. Stress affects the tone of the Vagus Nerve and can make us physically unwell. Stimulating the nerve through relaxation, sends signals to our organs, improving our physical health.

Often people seek medical treatment for the symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems, insomnia, inflammation in the body; not realising it may be linked to stress and anxiety.  In General Anxiety Disorder the amygdala section of the brain, is over activated and brain chemicals, such as serotonin, are imbalanced. Treatments such as Mindfulness, Reiki, improvements to lifestyle / diet and gentle exercise, such as yoga, swimming or walking, can remedy this.

We don’t like to experience any unpleasant feelings, whether it be overwhelming pain, pangs of jealousy, or simple regret. We distract ourselves, to avoid facing up to our feelings, but these emotions will never go away. Unprocessed emotions fester underneath, until we burn out and reach breaking point. We then break down and have no choice but to let them out. Avoid getting to this point and be aware of your distractions; over doing anything, means you’re out of balance and avoiding yourself. This includes over working, over exercising, lashing out or snapping, as well as overeating, drinking or drug abuse. Processing your emotions is painful in the moment, but living with them is a lot worse.

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