Reiki Babies

Babies and Children are little sponges when it comes to Reiki!  Children take to the treatment so effectively and it can benefit Mum too.

Reiki calms Baby and helps with sleep, colic and reflux.

Reiki eases night terrors, tantrums and helps Children, to cope with the challenges faced at school.

You can bring your baby, toddler or older child, for a Reiki treatment.

If you have a new baby, why not try the Mum & Baby treatment.  You both receive Reiki at the same time, resulting in a relaxing, bonding experience.

Mum can also, come on her own and enjoy this treatment.  Reiki relaxes on a deep level and for new Mums, rebalances hormonal fluctuations and emotions.  This is particularly effective, for Mums suffering post-natal depression.

If you have had a traumatic birth, given birth to Baby sleeping, or suffered a miscarriage, Reiki can really help.  All of these experiences, can lead to post-traumatic stress symptoms.  Reiki can ease these and help you to move forward.