Reiki is a Japanese healing method and can be used for deep relaxation and to remedy, both our mental and physical health.

The science behind Reiki, is that everything is made up of energy!

As humans, we have energy blockages, that obstruct the flow, causing our bodies to become depleted.

The blockages can cause emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety, depression and can show themselves, as physical ailments, or illness in our body.

We suppress our feelings and this causes them to go into our physical bodies.

Suppressed emotions can cause muscular tension, high blood pressure, heart disease, immune weakness and other diseases.

The blockages we experience come from a lifetime of experiences, upset or trauma; that create negative layers.  The layers become thick and our energy flow becomes blocked.

Reiki peels away these layers.

When we are blocked, our bodies cannot heal themselves.  The hand positions used in Reiki, activate the body’s self-healing mechanism.

A Reiki session usually lasts 40 – 50 minutes and you remain fully clothed, on a massage couch. Hand positions are then used, on different parts of the body, providing complete relaxation from your head down to your feet.