Reiki Can Make You Feel Worse?!

Reiki can make you feel worse??!!

Reiki is not just a relaxing & restorative treatment; it can also be used, to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression; let go of past issues and increase self-confidence.

Sometimes Reiki can make you feel worse! This doesn’t happen with everyone, but I know it did with me – and I shunned it for a year!!

What I didn’t realise, is this is a good thing! It shows the system is rebalancing and clearing away.

It’s like clearing out your wardrobe – there is mess & chaos as you sort through what you don’t need & you wish you hadn’t started the job! But you persevere and you’re so glad you did, as you now have a new shiny wardrobe!

It can be uncomfortable having emotions & old feelings, being brought up – but they were always there – just stuck and causing the symptoms, that drew you to Reiki originally. I spent a year running away from it, but found myself stuck, with the same physical symptoms and life repeating itself.

Old emotions are only temporary & it doesn’t last for long; but what you get afterwards is amazing!

I went from being a stressed out Insurance Manager, to a Complementary Therapist; free from the anxiety & IBS that had previously plagued me.

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