My Story

I had always regretted dropping out of uni, when I was younger; especially as it had been down to anxiety and negativity in my life at that time – it was unfinished business!  I had suffered from chronic, crippling anxiety and depression all my life; not that anyone really knew, as I wore my smile mask rather well. I had a major lack of self-belief and felt stuck in a life that wasn’t me. My mental health took a turn for the worse and after suffering a breakdown, I knew things had to change. I quit Insurance, after 16 years and got an admin job at the wonderful University of Lincoln; to finally complete my English degree. I had progressed well, working on my mental health, but after suffering a loss a year later, I had relapsed. I knew I couldn’t side step anymore. Things had to change. I reached a point where I could either sink or swim.  I dragged myself kicking and screaming through Reiki and Mindfulness sessions; beat the demons; overcame my phobia of driving and passed my driving test; completed my English degree and undertook 10 other qualifications to start my own business, doing what I know best – mental health! I really wanted to share my story, to reach those who are suffering now, whatever the circumstance. Those who are stuck, those in despair and those battling mental health every, single, day. You CAN recover, you CAN change your life and you don’t have to live a life of fear and anxiety. I changed my life at 36 and if just one person feels inspired to do the same, then it’s been worth sharing my story. After all, I think my story is my best qualification by far.