Mr Worry Monkey!

How do you comfort an anxious, little one? Pretending, everything will be ok and taking them, away from anxious situations; can make things worse.  At the same time, we don’t want to scare, or overwhelm them. Mr. Worry Monkey, is just one of the characters I use, in my Mindfulness for Kids sessions.  The story works well, in encouraging little ones, to share and manage their worries.

‘Mr. Worry Monkey lives in our head!  Mr. Worry Monkey, helps us EVERY, SINGLE, DAY…he warns us not to touch hot things, in case we burn our fingers….he warns us not to run upstairs, in case we trip and fall over…but sometimes….sometimes…Mr. Worry Monkey REALLY REALLY worries.

Sometimes Mr. Worry Monkey, sees bad things happen.  He sees bad things happen and worries and worries and worries, until he can’t sleep and his tummy hurts.

Then, Mr. Worry Monkey, becomes scared of EVERY, SINGLE, THING!  He worries about school, he worries about Mummy and Daddy and he even worries, about his friends.

Poor, Mr. Worry Monkey; what he doesn’t know, is about all the GOOD things that happen!

See, it is IMPOSSIBLE to write down, all the GOOD things that happen!

If you tried, to write down, all the GOOD things that happen; you would use SO MUCH paper, that you would have to replant ALL the trees, in the WHOLE wide world!!!

Now, we need to help Mr. Worry Monkey. We need to tell Mr. Worry Monkey, that it’s ok.

You see, bad things do happen, but there is ALWAYS someone who will help you.  And compared, to how many GOOD things, that happen; bad things are TINY!

Let’s tell Mr. Worry Monkey to stop.

Let’s tell Mr. Worry Monkey, to take a nice deep breath and blow those worries out.

Then let’s help Mr. Worry Monkey, to just think about ALL the good things.

All those GOOD things, that fill the ENTIRE WIDE WORLD.

You see, Mr. Worry Monkey, didn’t want to tell Mummy and Daddy.  He was scared, in case his worries, came true!

But Mummy and Daddy can get rid of worries!!

So let’s help Mr. Worry Monkey.

Let’s tell him to STOP!  Let’s tell him to breathe those worries out and tell Mummy and Daddy.

Then ALL those worries, will disappear away!’

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