Feeling overwhelmed; poor concentration; racing thoughts; aches and pains; difficulty sleeping; loss of libido; sluggish digestion and stomach aches; cancelling plans; avoiding responsibilities; overeating; over exercising; over working – just some of the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

These feelings are crippling, preventing you from living your life and make you feel as though you cannot cope.

We begin to think what ifs.  The situation then becomes bigger and bigger, until we are overwhelmed.

Our physical health also suffers.  When we are stressed or worried about something that has not yet happened, our bodies still react as if it has happened – we place our bodies in this state through our thoughts.  This can lead to illness and a weakened immune system.

Mindfulness can help.

Just as repeated physical exercise redefines your physical muscles; regular Mindfulness practice can redefine your mind.

Mindfulness exercise helps to break negative thought patterns and can teach your mind, to remain in the present moment.

More and more companies are adopting a mindful approach, to enhance the performance of their employees and Mindfulness is being introduced into schools, to ease exam stress.

Benefits of Mindfulness include; better memory; stronger immune system; improved sleep; higher self-esteem and reduces anxiety.

One to one sessions can be tailored, for your own specific needs.