Massage promotes sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, releases muscular tension, detoxes and balances.

Gentle Holistic Massage is used, which is a combination of Swedish Massage, Acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage.

Holistic just means, the treatment of the whole person – mind and body.

Lymphatic drainage involves long, gentle strokes, that stimulate the immune system and reduce toxins in the body.

You can choose to combine Reiki with any massage treatment, or to have a stand alone session;

  • Holistic Facial – with Aloe Vera Forever Living products
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Hopi Ear Candles

Luxury massage treatments are available for my female clients.

These 90 minute treatments, induce relaxation so much, most people fall asleep!

Relaxing massage oil, fragrant essential oil, low lighting and cosy blankets; allow you to fully relax and let go.

Restorative Relaxation

Gentle holistic massage is applied first, to the back and shoulders, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system and inducing relaxation.  Tension is eased in the neck; leading to an Indian head massage and facial massage.  Reiki is then applied to the whole body, activating the body’s own healing mechanism; to restore on a deep level.

Declutter your Head

The treatment begins, with Hopi ear candles.  The natural beeswax candles, gently clear the ears; easing blocked sinuses and tension in the head.  Feeling calm and balanced, holistic massage is then applied to the shoulders and neck; leading to an Indian head massage and facial massage with acupressure.  Reiki is then applied around the head and shoulders, completely clearing your mind and relieving stress.