Little Worriers

Anxiety and stress, is not limited to Adults.  Our little ones can suffer too; especially when facing the challenges of school, friendship groups and academic results.

Growing up can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, with anxiety showing in many different ways. Worry and low confidence are common symptoms; especially at exam / test time, or if there are signs of bullying. In some instances, anxiety can also manifest through night terrors, tantrums, naughty behaviour, tummy aches and headaches.

The Little Worriers session combines Reiki, EFT and Mindfulness. The sessions help to teach children empathy; to recognise their destructive thoughts and behaviour, enabling them to deal with overwhelming thoughts or emotions, in a constructive way.

Child-friendly Reiki and EFT techniques are used to calm and treat suppressed emotions, while Mindfulness exercises are carried out, to ease overthinking.  Mum or Dad is also given some exercises and tips, enabling you to incorporate these, into your daily routine.

After the initial session, you can also choose to have Reiki as a treatment on it’s own; to top up the calmness!

All sessions are on an individual basis and all children under 16 need to be accompanied by a parent / guardian.