Little Worriers

Anxiety and stress, is not limited to Adults.  Our little ones can suffer too; especially when facing the challenges of school, friendship groups and exam times.

Growing up can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, with anxiety showing in many different ways; worry, low confidence, night terrors, tantrums, naughty behaviour, tummy aches, headaches and the effects of suffering from bullying.

You can choose to have an individual Reiki or Mindfulness session, or a combination of both.

Reiki is a great calming treatment and children feel relaxed and more confident after these sessions.

Mindfulness exercises are specifically designed for children and you will learn, how to incorporate these, into your daily routine.  There are bedtime exercises and techniques for when your little one becomes overwhelmed.  You will also be given some daily tips, so that even the busiest homes can become mindful.  Mindfulness aims to ease worries, making the mind less busy and providing tools to cope with life better.

All sessions are on an individual basis and all children under 16 need to be accompanied by a parent / guardian.