News for June

It’s been a busy couple of months!

The introduction of new treatments and a photoshoot to mark my relaunch!


My relaunch, involved personalising my brand.  Reiki by Rachel has just celebrated it’s 1st birthday and as a result, is growing at a fantastic rate!  I have learnt, so much, in the past year and now I wanted my own clients and friends, to be the face of my treatments – real people, representing treatments, which remedy, real, day to day struggles.

My models were wonderful, even the 6 kids, that descended on me all at once!  I’m sure you’ll agree, the results were fantastic!

June’s treatment offer – combined Reiki & Mindfulness taster!

Are you intrigued about Reiki & Mindfulness, but not quite sure? I’m offering 60 mins taster sessions, of combined Mindfulness & Reiki, for just £20. Anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, panic attacks, OCD; whatever plagues you, take the first step to prioritise your mental health. Offer valid until the end of June.

New Treatments!

I also have 3 new treatments!  Mindful Kids, Reiki Babies and Wellbeing!

If you have a little worrier; anxiety can show in many ways; worry, temper tantrums, not sleeping, or tummy aches. Parents can attend, to learn the symptoms and causes of stress / anxiety, and are equipped, with exercises, to use at home. The Mindfulness exercises are specifically designed for Children and you will learn, how to incorporate these, into your daily routine. All sessions are on a one to one basis.

Babies are little sponges when it comes to Reiki! Reiki calms baby and helps with sleep, colic and reflux. Toddlers and Children can benefit too. Reiki eases night terrors, tantrums and helps them to cope with the challenges faced at school. Mum can also enjoy this treatment, as Reiki rebalances hormonal fluctuations and emotions. You can bring your baby, toddler or older child, for a 20 – 30 minutes Reiki treatment. If you have a new baby, why not try the Mum & Baby treatment. You both receive Reiki at the same time, resulting in a relaxing, bonding experience.

We can sometimes feel stuck, lost and overwhelmed.   If one area of your life is out of balance, your wellness will be disrupted. Wellbeing sessions, are on a one to one basis and every area of your life is discussed. You are given a wellness plan; with regular support, to help you achieve your goals. Advice on nutrition and recommendations for future treatments, equip you to maintain your wellbeing. Initial consultations are 45 minutes and give you the chance to review all areas of your life; to identify what improvements can be made, to help you move forward and feel better.

That’s all for this month!

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